The Maze Trials

The Kapre

After the fight with the batgehst, the team was tiered and wiry with 5 already dead potential allies. when faced with another challenge, they were not up for it, the next room was a large group of gathlians in a wall blocking the entrance to another room to a kitsune. The kitsune and the team get taken hostage by the gathlians and taken by the gathlians into a giant room with a forest inside, with thousands of gathlians and leaf rays inside, they are taken to a Kapre, the king of this forest, they notice the kapre is missing an eye. they make a pact with the Kapre. If our heroes find the Kapre's eye, the team and their new kitsune friend will be allies with the  forest they are in. 


felixlibsch felixlibsch

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