The Maze Trials

the beginning of the maze

You have made it to the maze!! the beginning of the maze looks less like a entrance to a labyrinth and more like a broken down palace. you enter and find two dwarfs looking at a giant hole in the ground. The two dwarfs introduce themselves as the twins Agrian and Lagnolan. they both explain that they too were abducted by the cult of blades and their younger brother was taken hostage by the cult. The heroes and the twins decide to team up. A series of events lead to the death of both the twins. The team end up making a deal with the god Lamashtu, a deal promising their same travel to the beginning of the maze for the promise of treasure for Lamashtu's church. once down the giant black hole in the ground, our team make it to the beginning of the maze.

the beginning of the maze was a cavern, covered in moss with a flow of lava through the middle of it. three humanoids stand the close side of the lava slow and four goblins on the far side, after a big fight with our heroes and their new friends versus three goblins and a bargehst, Mevir almost died. 


felixlibsch elliott_blau

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